Friday, February 04, 2011

Lloyd B. Anderson, Ecological Linguistics, Sees Possibility of Transmission of Syllabic Writing Systems from Mesopotamia to the Aegian

Discovered online today at

As can be read there, The American Oriental Society (New Haven, Connecticut and Ann Arbor, Michigan) held its 217th meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on March 16-19, 2007, and a communication was presented to that meeting by Lloyd B. Anderson, Ecological Linguistics, who wrote in the abstract to his presentation:
"With increasing discoveries of contacts between the Aegean and the ANE [Ancient Near East], we should consider whether mathematical notations and syllabic writing systems were transmitted from Mesopotamia to the Aegian."
He gives some examples. I do not have access to his communication but Lloyd B. Anderson is right on the money in that general observation, though his analysis of the signs is rudimentary.

I am glad to see that others have seen in general, what I, after years of detailed work, am now presenting as self-evident, the syllabic system of writing that was technologically transferred from Sumer to Elam to Mycenae and ultimately over time to us in Western Civilization as our modern alphabet.

I found more of Anderson's published material at the old ANE list digest
where he signed in as
Lloyd Anderson
Ecological Linguistics
Postal address:  PO Box 15156, Washington, DC 20003

I do not know how current that contact information is so if you happen to know Anderson, please alert him to our posting series on the MinAegCon Concordance of Syllabic Scripts. Thank you. - Andis Kaulins

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